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Arati C. 帕特尔博士

    Arati C Patel,医学博士


  • 110 Hospital Road, Suite 105
  • 弗雷德里克王子, MD 20678
  • 410.414.9116
  • 410.414.9118

  • 是的

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • Tufts University 学校 of Medicine

  • Tufts University 学校 of Medicine

  • Tufts University 学校 of Medicine

  • 医学肿瘤学

Dr. Arati Patel is a board certified medical oncologist who has been treating hematology and oncology patients in Calvert County for the past 14 years. She attended Albert Einstein 医学院 in New York and received her residency and fellowship training from New England Medical Center in Boston, 麻萨诸塞州. 

Dr. Patel was instrumental in establishing the Sheldon E Goldberg Center for 乳房 护理 which opened doors in 2010.  She serves as the 医学肿瘤学 Director for the 乳房中心 and her medical practice is concentrated on breast oncology. 

2016年1月, she was named the Thoracic 肿瘤学 Program Leader and has worked with her colleagues and administration to develop the 肺癌 Screening Program and the Thoracic 肿瘤学 Program here at Calvert 健康 Systems.  She is actively involved in our hospital’s weekly tumor boards and Cancer Committee.

Dr. Patel takes an integrated and holistic approach to medical care when developing treatment plans with her patients and their families.  “It is a commonly used term, but this approach is paramount in comprehensive oncology care. Integrating various therapeutic strategies to address the whole person, 医学上, 身体上的, emotionally and socially, results in a much more successful and less harmful outcome.” 

除了, she works with her patients to set realistic health goals and encourages them to work on nutrition, physical fitness and stress reduction, resulting in a much fuller quality of life.  Dr. Patel also helps to develop community outreach activities focused on good health, cancer prevention and early detection.